Mr. Men and Little Miss Discover You Series

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The Mr. Men and Little Miss are the perfect characters to help children understand a bit more about their own emotions and how to manage them. With engaging questions to encourage conversations and some helpful tips from favourite characters to help children develop their emotional intelligence.

A ground-breaking brand-new series exploring children’s emotions, wellbeing and mental health. Complete with engaging questions to encourage conversations on different topics and helpful tips, the series is the essential tool for parents and children to explore what it means to be happy, sad and everything in between.


Mr. Worry worries about everything. It sometimes starts with a funny feeling in his tummy. Do you ever feel worried? Everyone worries sometimes. But Mr. Worry worries all the time. Can Mr. Calm and Little Miss Sunshine help him to ease his worries?

All Different

Little Miss Tiny wishes she was taller. But Mr. Tickle loves his long arms, perfect for tickling. Do you appreciate what makes you unique? The Mr. Men and Little Miss are all different, and it's time for them to realise that they're all uniquely brilliant in their own way!

Try Again

Little Miss Brave approaches life head on, bravely facing any challenge. Mr. Bump finds that he bumps and trips his way through life, but he always bounces back. Do you try again if things go wrong? It can be hard to be resilient when times are tough, but being able to adapt and recover from change or misfortune is as important for us as it is for the Mr. Men and Little Miss.

Be Kind

Lots of the Mr. Men and Little Miss are kind. Mr. Happy loves making his friends happy by doing kind deeds. But it can be easier to do what you want without thinking of others. Have you ever found it difficult to be kind? Mr. Mean probably finds it the hardest to be kind. Can Mr. Happy and Little Miss Giggles help him to learn that small acts of kindness bring much happiness?