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Caillou Series [Book]

Caillou Series [Book]

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Ask Nicely

A great book to introduce kids to politeness!

With Mommy and Daddy’s help, Caillou learns that it’s nice to hear the words please and thank you. They are like a friendly hug that encourages people to respond favorably. Politeness is much more than just a social convention; it is also a way to ease our interactions with others. Even very young children can learn to express their needs courteously. In this book, Caillou discovers why asking nicely is so important.


  • Reading with your child is a bonding experience that they will remember for years to come;
  • This book reminds little ones to be polite when addressing others, especially adults;
  • Please and thank you, important words for little ones to have in their vocabulary from a young age.


Potty Time

In this delightful story Mommy has a surprise for Caillou: his very own potty! Though initially uninterested, Caillou eventually decides that he wants to be a "big boy" and leave his diapers behind. After several attempts, a few failures, and near misses, Caillou learns to ask for the potty when he needs it and is rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and independence. Written with input from child psychologists, the Hand-in-Hand series of books helps children navigate their way successfully through various key developmental experiences of childhood.


I Can Brush My Teeth

Caillou isn’t a baby anymore. He wants to brush his teeth by himself. After breakfast and before going to bed, Caillou brushes little circles all over his teeth, just like Daddy! The ones in the back are harder to reach, but Caillou tries his best. Either Mommy or Daddy is always by his side to give him a guiding hand or some pointers for next time. Caillou even takes care to brush his dinosaurs’ big teeth! Developed with the help of a pediatric dentist and a child psychologist, Caillou: I Can brush My Teeth illustrates how Caillou’s mastery of fine motor-skills allows him to gain more independence in small but important ways.


Learns About Screen Time

Caillou learns about healthy digital habits!

Caillou would like to watch a cartoon on Daddy’s tablet, but Daddy suggests they play a game on it together instead. Once the game is over and the tablet is turned off, Daddy continues to spend quality time with Caillou by reading him a book.

Screens are part of our daily lives and their use, especially with children, can be a challenging issue. It isn’t necessary to ban digital devices or unplug from everything all the time. But it is important to help your child establish a healthy relationship with electronics.

By setting a good example, adults teach children that these devices can be used to learn and have fun.

  • This book helps parents with managing their little ones' screen time;
  • Reading with your child is a bonding experience;
  • Daddy helps Caillou understand when and for how long to use a screen.
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