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Kindness Club Series [Book]

Kindness Club Series [Book]

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This charming board book for children aged 3-5 features:

– A strong underlying message encouraging children to do kind deeds and continue to be kind.
– Teaches the idea that being kind is not a one-off action; it is a way of being, in order to be a member of the Kindness Club. 
– Whimsical illustrations sit alongside a heart-warming story centered on kindness.
– The story includes parent/carer notes to promote discussion between adults and children, questions that encourage understanding of the topic, and two activities: making a Kindness Club Badge and making a Peacock Fan that will track your kind deeds. 

The heartwarming board book encourages children to always be kind to one another, through beautiful illustrations and a playful story with an important underlying message. In the words of Badger, who runs the Kindness Club, “When you show kindness, it makes you and your friends feel good.”           

Children will love the myriad of animal characters and learning and understanding the different ways we can be kind to one another. There are lots of extra learning opportunities, from questions about the story to activities showing you how to make your own Kindness Badge to notes for parents and carers to extend learning and reinforce positive behavior.


Get to know the animals of the Kindness Club and follow Mouse as she learns how important it is to tell the truth.

On Rainbow Island, it's a perfect day for a boat trip and a picnic, but when Mouse accidentally makes a hole in his boat, he gets scared and lets his friend Fox take the blame. Soon Mouse feels awful. Will he be a kind friend and own up to his mistake? 


Get to know the animals of the Kindness Club and follow Rabbit as she learns how important it is to say sorry.

At Rainbow Island Harbour, some new visitors have arrived, including Little Peacock. The other animals are excited to meet him but Rabbit is worried that her friends will be more interested in the newcomer than in their old friend Rabbit. Rabbit tells Little Peacock he’s not welcome to play with the other animals but when Peacock disappears, will Rabbit admit what she’s done? And will she be able to find Peacock and apologize for her mistake?

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