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Jonny Lambert's Bear and Bird Book Series

Jonny Lambert's Bear and Bird Book Series

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Learn to Share

Take your toddler on a fascinating forest adventure with this adorable baby board book!

The snowflakes are starting to fall in the forest. Winter is on its way and it's almost time for the animals to hibernate. They set out into the freezing forest to collect food, but Bear is really hungry and wants to keep it all to himself. Is there enough food for everyone?

Perfect for teaching little readers about kindness, sharing and friendship, this children's picture book is packed with:

- 12 captivating illustrated spreads to accompany the enchanting narrative text
- Beautiful, distinctive illustrations by popular artist Jonny Lambert
- Large format and sturdy pages make this book perfect for adults and kids to share

This beautifully illustrated animal book for toddlers follows Bear, Bird and their friends as they assemble as many juicy berries as they can to get them through the long winter ahead. Bear starts to get greedy, Bird sees this and tries to encourage Bear to share all the delicious food with the rest of the animals. Will he ever learn to share?

The first book in a beautiful series, Bear and Bird: Learning to Share, teaches children vital life lessons about friendship and sharing with others, and gently introduces them to the idea of hibernation as well. It's a magical bedtime storybook that will be cherished for years to come!

Lend a Helping Hand

Join Bear and Bird on an inspiring journey to discover the true meaning of friendship.

DK invites you on a fun-filled adventure with Bear and Bird, two best friends with hearts of gold, as they set out to teach young readers an important lesson in kindness and helping others.

Bear and Bird have discovered a beautiful blooming flower, and are excited to plant it and watch it grow! With the love and support of their forest friends, Bear and Bird are able to work as a team and plant their lovely flower, and learn a trick or two about nature along the way!

A heart-warming story for kids to enjoy, this pretty picture book features:

-12 captivating spreads within a chunky and easy-to-hold storybook
-Beautiful illustrations bringing all the key characters to life
-Easy-to-read text and important vocabulary words to encourage early-learning
-Heart-warming storylines with a strong underlying message

Proving the perfect storybook for toddlers, Bear and Bird gently encourages conversation around helpfulness, kindness and friendship. Perfect for parents and children to read together, this friendship book is a must-have volume for any animal-lover's bookshelf, and encourages youngsters to go outside and stay active; whilst subtly introducing a diverse range of important topics, from how plants grow and why seasons change, to healthy eating and how to help a friend in need.

Try, Try Again

Join Bear and Bird as they learn how keeping going and not giving up means you'll get there in the end!

Bear and his best friend, Bird have decided they want to learn how to ride a bike....and also a scooter, and how to get around on a pair of rollerskates. But Bear usually walks everywhere and Bird flies so this pair need to learn how to persevere at something that they don't get right first time.

Make Friends

A delightful picture book for little ones, that follows Bear and Bird and shows children that school is nothing to be scared of.

DK invites you on a fun-filled adventure with Bear and Bird, two best friends with hearts of gold, as they set out to teach young readers how to make new friends when starting school.

Meet Bear and his best friend Bird, as they face their first day at school. They can be shy when meeting new people and are worried that they won't fit in. Will their classmates like them? Is school really as scary as it seems? Join Bear and Bird on their next adventure as they brave their first day of school and try their hardest to make friends. With captivating illustrations by popular artist Jonny Lambert, and a delightful rhyming narrative, this picture book is sure to enchant its little readers and ease any first day nerves they might have.

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