Chirri & Chirra Series, by Kaya Doi [Book]

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The Snowy Day

The Snowy Day is filled with foxes, bears, birds, goats, and cats all taking shelter together in an icy cavern, enjoying everything from freshly-baked delights to long soaks in hot springs. Over the course of their adventures, Chirri and Chirra even become guests to a family of bears, spending the night in their igloo and dreaming of the northern lights. A winter wonderland worth remembering for its soft radiance and abundant joy!


A Powell’s Books “Best of 2017” Pick
★ "Kaya Doi is on to something with her fantastical-nonsensical Chirri and Chirra books. While spa treatments and allaying stress may seem like grown-up interests, modern-day kids are living in an adult-made world of media supersaturation and technological pyrotechnics; the Chirri and Chirra books allow young readers to escape into an adult- and complication-free dreamscape of animals, sweets and unimpeded fun." —STARRED REVIEW, Nell Beram, Shelf Awareness


On the Town

Chirri and Chirra venture down forest paths and through alleyways into a yarn shop and an old woman’s house, where they enjoy hot drinks and soup. When they’re done, they find a wonderful surprise hidden in the branches of a tree. Memorable for Doi’s luminous appreciation of the natural world as well as her respect for beautiful edibles, the fifth book in the charming Chirri & Chirra series is sure to delight!


Winner of Multicultural Award, 2021 Northern Lights Book Awards
"Dring-dring, dring-dring!" Chirri and Chirra's bicycle bells summon readers on another serene adventure. This fifth book…is something of a departure for the Japanese series, taking them into the human landscape of a nearby town instead of a tiny, fantastical one in surrounding nature. But that doesn't make it any less adorable. Doi employs her characteristic smudgy style, rounded, flowing shapes surrounded by soft borders of white that reinforce the cozy feel. Darling.” ―Kirkus Reviews


In the Night

Chirri and Chirra frolic in the moonlight in the latest whimsical adventure of this much-beloved picture-book series.

With the light of their trusty bicycles and a glorious full moon illuminating the darkness, Chirri and Chirra take on the night, accompanied by their new cat friends. From fizzy full-moon drinks that give them cat ears and tails to sparkling flower necklaces that grant them access to a special night market, the inseparable duo enjoys all the dreamy treats that nighttime has to offer, basking in the warmth and light of discovery, generosity, and friendship.


★ “This is a gentle magical adventure with two intrepid explorers who love to try new things. The lovely soft colored pastel art shows a happy world with no adults and lots of friendly cats. The smaller size makes the story that much more cozy, with the landscape orientation offering lovely panoramic views of the trip. It’s hard not to smile while reading this sweet story.  Fans of the previous adventures of Chirri and Chirra will be thrilled with this new offering.” —Stephanie Tournas, Robbins Library (Arlington, MA), Youth Services Book Review, STARRED REVIEW


The Rainy Day

ring-dring, dring-dring! As the distinctive sound of their bicycle bells chimes in with the patter of rain, Chirri & Chirra set off on a new whimsical adventure!

In this seventh installment of the beloved series, the twins serendipitously happen upon a cafe that is only open on rainy days. In their matching raincoats, they peacefully sip tea with a side of sweet rock candy as they watch the droplets fall, before concluding the day with a beautiful rainbow and the company of their animal friends. Kaya Doi’s illustrations, rendered in glowing colored pencil, are warm and inviting, ushering her readers into pages that feel like a haven from the rain outside.


★ “Two little identical girls (sisters? besties?) have an epic bicycle journey of the imagination. It’s a cloudy day and Chirri and Chirra decide to go for a ride. The sound of their bicycle bells—’Dring-dring, dring-dring!’—is the signal that their adventure begins… The colored pencil art creates a softly glowing, magical landscape of friendly animals and sweet treats. It’s a small book, longer than it is wide, which allows panoramic views of the little girls on their bikes traversing the terrain of their imagination. It’s a sweet, gentle story where kindness abounds. This Japanese import is seventh in a winning series, and I have loved each one. For readers who enjoy gentle, cozy forays of the imagination.” —STARRED REVIEW, Stephanie Tournas (Robbins Library) for Youth Services Book Review