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我香香的宝贝 (中英双语) MY PRECIOUS JIJI [Book]

我香香的宝贝 (中英双语) MY PRECIOUS JIJI [Book]

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I have a precious thing. Its name is Jiji.

Jiji stands at 45cm tall and weighs 166 grams. Even though Jiji is smaller and lighter than me, it's my little protector. It makes me feel safe.

The other always say Jiji is smelly, but I don't think so at all! Jiji has a great smell that I really, really like. Whether I'm eating, sleeping, or playing games, Jiji is always right there with me. We've grown up together, and Jiji knows all about my happy times and my sad times. Jiji is my very best friend.

I want to be with Jiji forever, and no one can ever, ever come between us. Especially you, Mommy, please don't ever think about taking Jiji away!


★Packed with humour, this endearing story appeals to both children and adults.

“Chouchou” is a term not unfamiliar in Malaysia and Singapore, referring to smelly possessions that children grow attached to. By creating a childlike and humorous narrative, the author adeptly portrays the story of growing up with a “chouchou” that adults usually steer clear of, but children simply cannot part with.

-  Inaugural Lee Chee Peng Picture Book Award Judge, Kuek Ser Kuang Hong


★Much like 'chouchou', this is a picture book that gently understands children who form strong bonds with their comfort items.

It is a common parenting practice to provide infants with a huggable item for comfort and security. However, as children grow, parents often try to sever this attachment. This story gives voice to children who face emotional struggles when parting with their beloved “chouchou”.

-  Inaugural Lee Chee Peng Picture Book Award Judge, Sooi Sooh Chui

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