Let’s get acquainted. Wanderwood. 4 years old. Mid kid in three-child family.

Anna, Mother Wanderwood as their clients call her. It was her, who created everything from the scratch. Actually, it’s what all mothers do :)

But let start form the very beginning. Their older daughter was just 4 months old when she started a hobby – creating wooden toys. It was logical – she wanted best toys for her daughter and she was planning to teach her sharing good things with others.

But as wise people say – Do not teach your children, they will still be like you. Teach yourself.

So she did. She started to share Wanderwood toys with the world. Her husband Alexander as a real Superdad joined her in this adventure. Step by step little business grew just like our family did. Second daughter was about to come and the second wave of creativity covered our shop. They started to produce wooden plates. For kids, for adults, to eat, to play… And they succeed!

Wanderwood's main goal is to create original toys and plates, which will be absolutely eco-friendly. They are eco-oriented family and really care about our planet. They use only certified wood and only certified finish.

They are proud of what they do. Starting from ideas and finishing with perfect product. She invents, husband produces and kids are testing. Full circle manufacturing! :)
They love their products and they want to share joy of having it!

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