Sabo Concept

Message from Elena, 

My name is Elena. I believe that it is possible to impact the world through well-organized lines, forms and colors. I like to design and I develop my style. I prefer just natural materials. My husband contributes to all my ideas and brings into reality all the projects . We stand for environmentally friendly and high-quality production, discarding plastic and other unfavorable materials, remembering that our main consumers are children. We use the best accumulator for our nightlights made by Panasonic, taking attention about its long-lasting service. Exactly these accumulators Elon Musk utilizes in his Tesla cars. We do not do battery operated products on purpose, believing that we contribute at least a bit to maintaining the nature. Because you throw battery once you used it.

Fairy tales can be touched now. Products created to delight a child’s world, reveal his / her imagination. When an active day goes down, party becomes tired, there is nothing better than to immerse into night filled with magical spirit and friendly creatures: graceful unicorns, lovely bears, majestic swans, beautiful stars and the moon.

Our products are not just something to look at, but something to feel. We balanced tendencies from the past with nowadays trends. Our brand is affected by Scandinavian style. Our concept manifests minimalism, simplicity and at the same time sophistication of lines. We tend to understated, subtle forms; perfect blend of gentle colors.

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