Unicorn puzzle

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Handmade wooden puzzle "Unicorn" 🦄 from The Skandico wooden toys workshop🌟

🦄This is absolutely Unique handmade wooden toy made with love and soul!

🦄The “Unicorn” puzzle is made in the shape of a fairy beautiful animal- horse with magic horn🌟The Unicorn puzzle consists of the 34 different pieces of the linden wood. All the pieces of the Unicorn puzzle have been carved from different wooden blocks but all them fit together very precisely forming fairy Unicorn face shape. Yes, Dear Friend! for this toy we use small bricks of the linden wood - not round saw cut of a log, because this toy is very big - diameter of the unicorn puzzle Is 38 cm (15 inches) - there is not easy to find such a big Linden tree with a big diameter, also all such a big trees are very old and growing in the national parks. For our toys production we use only technical wood, this trees are specially growing on the green area for their future cutting for selling the wood. Then on this territory the company which sells wood - grow new small tress for their future cutting. We buy the wood only from verified suppliers of wood.

🦄All the pieces of the “Unicorn” puzzle have different shape with a great quality woodworking, it is very delicate work and it takes a lot of time to produce 1 Unicorn puzzle. At this moment we can produce only 5 such Unicorn puzzle in a week (partly because we need to make other toys as well - such as blocks, bricks or rainbow wooden toys - which are much more easier to manufacture but also are very popular in our store). Therefore, owning a unicorn puzzle is truly a unique opportunity:)

🦄 Each Unicorn puzzle is absolutely unique because it is handmade and because of the unique wooden texture on each wooden pieces of the Puzzle. We use eco water based colors made in German for painting of all our toys. Paint has EN-71 certification and was created a long time ago specially for the wooden children toys. The effect we finally have using this colors is that all the wooden texture is being visible under the paint (You can see this on the pictures of this item) This makes toys absolutely beautiful, pleasant to the touch - this toy is like a velvet for the touch! Also all the parts of the Unicorn puzzle are painted by hands by our painters. 100% handmade toy

🦄The Unicorn puzzle is absolutely safe for the child. All the sizes of the pieces are suitable for the children play and can't make problems with baby breathing.
All the ages of each piece are rounded. This toy consists of the natural wood from the verified suppliers of wood, painted with eco water based colors made in German (EN-71). The Unicorn puzzle toy is biodegradable and does not harm the environment.

So, Unicorn Toy is absolutely beautiful, unique and safe toy, but the main reason we created this Puzzle is that it is very useful for the children education.

We recommend to use this toy fro the children older the 2 years, because in this age it has much more interest for their play.

🌟 The Unicorn puzzle helps every child to increase his imagination, balance skills, motor skills of his hands, creativity, sense of beauty.

🌟Wood is natural "alive" material that possesses energy, strength and power for the growth and development of the Tree. Each Tree has the experience of "life" on our planet Earth: nutrition with the sun, minerals, water, air.

🌟When the children take handmade wooden toys into their hands - They get the pure energy of life, a part of the soul of each worker - who is making this toys. Just believe - only kind people with good and honest character can make such a beautiful toys for children by their hands.

🌟All our toys are made from the natural Wood from eco region in the middle Russia by the hands of Makers who's families have been making wooden toys in the several generations.Our workers know everything about the wood and can make such a beautiful toys by their hands with pleasure.

🌿The Diameter of the puzzle is 38 cm , thickness is 3 cm.
🌿Material - Russian linden.
🌿Paint (coating) - Water-based colored colors (Germany).
🌿Made in Russia from Great Russian wood with love and soul