The Mushroom

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The Mashroom set of toy peg dolls is a wooden organic baby toy which will be not only a nice baby nursery decor, but also a very useful gift for learning montessori counting.

How often do your kids in the game imagine themselves a prince or princess? We are sure it happens often. Clever and Happy created The Kingdom of Wooden Finger Puppets where a child can even imagine himself as a king or queen.

5 different characters: king / queen, gardener, astrologer, cook, knight will take to a magical world where the stories of the fascinating life of the inhabitants of the Kingdom rule.

No faces are drawn to give children opportunity to imagine. Each puppet of this Set Of 5 Wooden Dolls And Castle has a finger hole which fits well toddler's hand.

  • handmade in Russia
  • dimensions: (castle) 8.3" x 4.7", (doll) 2.8" x 1"
  • made with linden wood
  • non-lacquered, natural finish