The Digits Series [Book]

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Meet The Digits! This new series of stylishly illustrated stories features a group of number friends with strong personalities and relatable characteristics that make numbers fun!

A playful approach to understanding numbers, with simple maths concepts subtly woven into funny plotlines.

Number Jumble

Meet The Digits! Today they are moving into The Number Tower but there is something odd about their apartments. Can they get to the bottom of it?
Perfect for developing number recognition skills - you can count on The Digits to make numbers fun!

Double the Fun

Three's birthday party is not going well. There isn't space for everyone to sit or enough cake to go around. Can The Digits save the day?
Perfect for understanding greater and less, double and half - you can count on The Digits to make numbers fun!

Odds Vs Evens

In Odds Vs Evens, the Digits hold a football match to try to decide whether odd or even numbers are the best.

The Perfect Number

Explore addition and subtraction with a group of number friends known as the Digits through an action-packed day out at a theme park.


  • "This introduction to numbers one to ten isn't a traditional counting book, but more a story about numbers that aims to increase children's familiarity with them and recognise their shapes. It's bright and appealing with cute number characters, and there are some useful bits of guidance for parents and carers at the beginning and end of the book that suggest some of the different ways you can look at the book with little ones, as well as activities you can do when you're out and about, such as looking for numbers when out for a walk." - Booktrust
  • Praise for The Digits: Double the Fun: "Numbers have never been as much fun as they now are with the help of these wonderful new characters..." - Postbag Picks, Armadillp