La Grande Famille - Jeanne the Goose Comforter

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In France, parents often make it their mission to find the perfect “doudou” for their baby before he/she is born. This doudou, or lovey, is so important because it becomes a child’s first and most-treasured possession. With her motherly nature, Jeanne the goose would love to become your child’s most beloved toy! Said to enjoy gentle flutter kisses on her forehead, Jeanne won’t mind one bit if teething infants give her beak some gummy kisses too. Measuring about 6-inches tall by 5-inches wide and perfectly safe for tots aged 0+, this lovey comes in an illustrated gift box can be enjoyed and loved year after year. If your little one comes down with a cold or has taken her goose on one too many adventures, don't fret - all of the La Grande Famille loveys are machine washable.