Kourtney Bracelets - Narwhal BFF

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Show your BFF some love with this pair of loveable narwhal bracelets. Simply share a bracelet, from this set of 4, with your BFF so you and your narwhal buddy will always be together.

A sweet narwhal bracelet for you and one for your BFF, if you hold the narwhals together they form a heart! The sweet pink narwhal printed acrylic charm is on a blue bead band; pair it with the pink tasseled with a blue pom pom pink beaded bracelet. Or mix it up with the pink bead band with the delightful blue narwhal charm or the blue bead band with a pink tassel with the blue pom pom. So many choices! All 4 layering bracelets are on elastic bands to ensure the perfect fit. Equally fun to wear when paired with the Kourtney Narwhal BFF Necklace. Keep all 4 bracelets or share to care!
  • Kourtney Bracelet - Narwhal BFF - Set of 4
  • 2 Narwhal charm bracelets
  • 2 bead colored bracelets
  • Printed acrylic narwhal charms
  • Adorned with pom poms and tassels