Food Baking Set - Honey Pancake in Pastel

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This play Food Baking Set called "Honey pancake" is made for pleasant and cute sweet treat making games: Baking pancakes, cakes, homemade bread, cookies, pizza dough, muffins. This toy set is necessary for lovely games during home spend evenings, for having fun on the holidays.

The play Food Baking Set called "Honey pancake" consists of 9 items:

🥨 *2 Eggs: one egg is milky white color and the other egg is wet sand color. Size of the egg: 4.5cm (1.8 inches)*3cm (1.2 inches)

🥞 * A Bottle of milk with a lid the color of a garden rose. Size of the bottle: 12.5cm (4.9 inches)*5cm (1.9 inches)

🧇 * A Sugar bowl with a dispenser, the color of the dispenser is ivory. Size of the sugar bowl: 8cm (3.2 inches)*5cm (1.9 inches)

🥖 * A Jar of honey - rich dark honey color with ivory lid. Size of the Jar of honey: 6cm (2.4 inches)*6cm (2.4 inches)

🍞 * A Flour jar: milk chocolate color with a lid of coral red color. Size of the Flour jar: 12cm (4.8 inches)*8cm (3.2 inches)

🥐* A Bowl for mixing ingredients garden rose color and a whisk for whisking powdery ivory with mustard color. Size of the Bowl for mixing ingredients: 9cm (3.6 inches)*5.5cm (2.2 inches), size of the whisk: 8,5cm (3.4 inches)*1.5cm (0.6 inches)

🥨 * A Rolling pin (light, specially made for a baby handles) colored wet sand and ivory color. Size of the rolling pin: 23cm (9.1 inches)*4.0cm (1.6 inches)


🌿Natural wood - Linden
🌿Paint - Waterbased eco colors Biofa, Germany (EN 71)
🙌🏻Handmade, with love and soul

Have a wonderful time enjoying playing with Your family with Food Baking Set called "Honey pancake"!