Here is March’s #Gratitudes – a list of what we’ve enjoyed, appreciated, or discovered in the month of March with CCH. We take time at the end of every months to refresh our thoughts and events that has happened. We wanted to share with you our journey navigating through this uncharted waters of entrepreneurship of running CCH. Our little journal as we take baby steps and count our blessings.



Talking in front of the camera was a big NO NO to me. When the “on” is pressed, my tongue twisted and my voice vanished. But I came to realize that there is only so much of information that can be shared through photos and words. By having a video it would make a world of difference in terms showing and getting the product details known. So I announced to my husband that I want to record a video on selected products for CCH. I am glad that I tried. Not perfect but I am sure one day when I look back I would thank myself for starting this. I’m grateful that some of you found these videos to be informative.

First apparel collection


We were over the moon when the batch of Son and Daughter garments reached our door step. I have shared in the IG post about holding a fashion design and garment making certificate and dreamt of opening my own fashion boutique. Although not as far fetch as that but by having this product line somewhat makes my dream a little closer if not a wish come true to me.

Easytots Distributor


After many late night discussions and planning, we have finally been given this privilege to be a distributor for Easytots. I just want to shout out a big thank you to Helen from Easytots for always being so supportive and helpful. A long way and hard work to go but we love the challenges nonetheless. Very happy to see Easytots now available on Shopee and Jumping Baby Jacks (Instagram @jumpingbabyjacks)

Aykasa crates


Initially we had no plan to include Aykasa to our collection. I dropped the plan last year. But as time goes by, I realize the need for these crates myself. Now, we use these crates at home and my girl is able to keep her toys back to where they should be and that makes me very proud.

Rearranging CCH store room


We finally invested in a few warehouse rack. Thanks to my husband who rearranged all CCH stocks. He definitely had a good exercise. The store room looks neat and tidy and the packaging activity has been much enjoyable and fun!